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What is Private Browser?

Everything you wished a safe browser to have is right before you, embodied in Private Browser by Keepsolid.

Lightning-fast logless VPN feature

Secure servers in 70+ locations around the world

Rock-solid AES-256 traffic encryption

Android or iOS

Android or iOS

Whichever side you choose, we’ve got you covered. Isn’t that a dream come true?

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Unlimited connection speed

Yes, yes — it is possible to stay both anonymous and fast. Well, if done right. Exactly how we do it. Scattered all over the world, our ultra-fast VPN servers and algorithms make sure that you don’t experience any holdbacks and sudden disconnections. And we mean it, check it out yourself with a free 7-day trial.

Unlimited connection speed
Unlimited connection speed

Nifty data encryption

Hackers just love public WiFi. And why wouldn’t they, when an average Joe has no second thoughts disclosing his financial information in the clear while having a coffee down at the nearest Starbucks. Don’t be that Joe. With AES-256 traffic encryption, you’ll be dead-protected while banking or doing whatever else you don’t want sniffed even on the shadiest public hotspots there are.

No geo-blocking for you

You probably know those lucrative offers that companies sometimes put up out there. You might also know that nagging feeling one gets when such offers are geo-restricted. Well, forget that. With Private Browser you’ll be able to send your online-self on a worldwide shopping tour to snag all the best geo-fenced offers you want.

Unlimited connection speed

Go for your best bet

Be free, be daring, cover your tracks.
Start your free 7-day trial to see what Private Browser is capable of.