Unlimited connection speed and bandwidth

Enjoy the high-speed connection with the worldwide VPN servers. Experience Internet surfing without any restrictions on speed and bandwidth. Browse the web fast on your iOS device.

Personal data protection

The app allows you to protect your personal data from the interceptions by using powerful encryption methods. Use the app to stay safe and secure online. Keep your data out of the snooper's hands.

Hide your online activities

Make it impossible for anyone to trace your online activity. Browse the web, send emails, and communicate in social networks anonymously. Hide your real IP address and mask your actual location while surfing the Internet. Enhance your security.

Use at public hotspots

Secure your connection at public WiFi hotspots. Prevent hackers, sniffers and snoopers from stealing your identity. Stay protected from cybercriminals everywhere – in hotels, restaurants, airports or malls. Be the owner of the high level of encryption and stealth connection.

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