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  • Hiding your real IP

    Your device is basically assigned a virtual IP address, through which all your traffic is then tunneled. On one hand, this bars any third parties from learning what places you go on the web. On the other hand, the places you go are tricked into believing that you come from a different place. And, since we never log our users’ activities, you are practically invisible.

  • Data security

    All the data your device sends and receives through Private Browser undergoes bullet-proof encryption. This ensures no hacker snooping your conversation with a WiFi router gets a bit of idea what you are up to and what information you exchange with the web. Wearing this kind of protection is especially crucial when connecting to hazardous public WiFi.

  • Local protection

    What it means is that you can lock your Private Browser with either a fingerprint, a pattern, a pin code, or a password. Thus, no one who gets their hands on your device will be able to access your browsing history, bookmarks, and the active session unless you grant them that authority.

  • Themes

    The light side or the dark side — easily switch them at will. Pick what best complements your device’s feel, your spirit, or the color scheme of the site you visit… or maybe even your outfit. Is it not kind of classy to be able to set your device’s software in tune with your looks? Well, here is some playground for you.